Why Hovawart

I took the liberty to copy a small article from the site an excellent breeder Miss Martina Martina Babíková, she have a cattery breed Hovawart named  “Kráľovská stráž”.

HOVAWART – and his character

Adult hovawart with standard developed talents and properly brought up is calm and balanced dog who, if necessary, it can severely affect the defense of their masters and their property, but don’t use to biting. Surveillance to be in the title, is innate. On their territory, even without training, excellent guard. Reacts vigilant for anything suspicious, but not bark unnecessarily, strangers on their territory in the presence of his master are calm.Outside its territory to a foreign report of the restraint, but not sceptically, or aggressive. Typical for hovawarta is closely linked to the master and his family. Hovawart hasn’t a tendency to wander freely, faithfully to adhere to his or her house and on walks his “clamps”. Even his hunting instinct is this bond inhibited. Excellent behavior with domestic animals.
A good relationship has on the children, is easygoing. His behavior always depends on how he was brought up and what has experience.However, each dog’s tolerance has its limitations and therefore the children must know that not everything you can towards the dog to afford. Hovawart does not love solitude, a all day stay in a kennel him don’t benefit.
Even a dog bred freely in the garden needs daily walks, to raise experience and from the puppies meets with the other dogs, which is a condition for the proper development of his social behaviour. Of great importance for the good development of his character properties has contact of the family , shared games, his presence in work of his master and rest with him, and accompany the master wherever possible.

Cattery breed HOVAWART